Announcement: Next Batch of Physical Books Ready for Pre-Order! (Dec 2022)

Next Batch Physical Book Announcement
Irodori Comics announces the next 4 titles releasing as physical books.

Our 2nd batch of Physical Books are now available for Pre-Order!

Next 4 titles
Next 4 physical books announced. Available for preorder.

The 4 titles to end the year are:

School of the Seven Sisters 1 Physical Book
School of the Seven Sisters 1 by Akatsuki Myuuto
Sugar Mommy Shiori Physical Book
Sugar Mommy Shiori by Kurosu Gatari
GAMING HAREM 1 Physical Book
GAMING HAREM 1 by Sasamori Tomoe
Runaway Girl Compilation Physial Book
Runaway Girl Compilation by Shituzhi

Pre-Order the books now!

All books are fully uncensored and localized.

The books are limited-run prints, and we don’t plan to do reprints any time soon. If they sell out, they’re gone. If you’re into building a hentai collection, we recommend you get the books while they’re available.

Make sure to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer!

Free Shipping Announcement Banner
Purchase over $100 worth of physical books in one shopping cart to receive free shipping.

Please note that we are unable to deliver to certain regions. Please check the FAQ for more information. The FAQ also answers other questions related to the shipping process.

We’re always keeping an eye out on results for the “Interested in Print” votes. Keep voting for the works you want printed, and if there’s a lot of demand for our printed titles, we’d be happy to print more books!

From 2023, we’ll try to release printed books more regularly!