New Website Function: Wishlist Notification

We have updated the “Wishlist” function on the Irodori Comics Store to send you wishlist email notifications when the wishlisted items go on sale. For those of you familiar with STEAM, we’re taking steps to emulate their wishlist system.

You can access your Wishlist by clicking the heart-shaped icon on the top right of your screen or by accessing “My Account > Wishlist”

You can add titles to your Wishlist by clicking “Add to Wishlist” on product pages or clicking the heart-shaped icon on product thumbnails.

By clicking “Notify me when wishlist works go on sale,” you will receive emails when the works are discounted.


Your Wishlist will also show the titles with their discounts.

For those of you who have a backlog of titles wishlisted, this will be a great way to be notified when they go on sale.

We’ve been trying out the “Monthly Sales” and “99c Discount Sales” each month for around 2 years and have received great feedback from these initiatives. We’ll be doing more spontaneous “Flash Sales” as well in the future, so there is even more reason to start using the wishlist function!

Our next step will be to update the wishlist emails to show the discounted content, similar to STEAM wishlist emails.

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