Japanese Sex Workers’ Guide to Stroking the Male Ego

Japanese Soapland Manual Leaked!?

A Japanese Twitter user, Madokamarusuisan, had a viral tweet on August 18th, when they posted a few pages of what is alleged to be customer service manuals given to women working at establishments that provide sexual services in Japan.

As you may or may not know, Japan has a peculiar law involving sex work establishments and brothels (establishments that can also provide penetrative intercourses) are illegal. (However, certain loopholes to the law allow for penetrations, but we’ll talk about the specifics of that legislation some other time.)

Let’s take a look at some of the advice in the manual that was posted!

Part 1 of the manual focuses on flattering the customer on how they look.
Part 1 of the manual focuses on flattering the customer on how they look.

On this page, the first half deals with flattering the customers (including their appearances) with specific dialogues provided.

For a customer “who is like an otaku”, the suggested dialogue is, “You’re so knowledgable!”
For a “hairy customer”, the suggested dialogue is, “You’re so manly!”

Other parts of this page provide dialogues that will please the customers, such as:

“I’ve never been treated so gently before.”

“I totally forgot that this was work.” (For the girl, that is.)

“Our chemistry is so awesome!”

“This is the best I’ve ever felt.”

Part 2 of the manual focuses on faking orgasms for the customer.
Part 2 of the manual focuses on faking orgasms for the customer.

On the page titled “Bed 2,” the manual describes what kind of performances will be appropriated and how to fake orgasms.

In terms of demeanor, the page states that performances including “grasping the bed sheets or pillows,” “sucking your own finger,” “holding hands,” and “wriggling your body as you twitch,” arouses the customer.

In the next section, the manual clearly states that “you must fake an orgasm.” The manual goes on to explain that faking an orgasm is necessary because customers who like to aggressively tease the sex workers will continue until they’ve seen the woman “cum.” Furthermore, the manual states that faking orgasms is important for the workers to protect their own bodies and to give the customers the satisfaction of knowing that they “made the girls cum.”

In the “how to fake orgasm” section, the manual instructs the workers to “close their eyes tightly,” “clench the teeth,” “cling onto the customer’s body or arms,” and “relax your body entirely at once.”

On the other two pages posted by the Twitter user, the manual goes on to explain how to greet customers, recommended facial and bodily expressions, how to speak (including the volume of the voice), and other significant details so that the workers can give better sexual fantasies to the customers.

Just a little look at this manual is enough to tell you that sex work is definitely hard work, just like any other job in the world!


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