Announcement: Physical Books Ready for Pre-Order!

It’s been a while since we first announced it, but Irodori Comics is finally ready to start selling printed doujinshi! You can pre-order the books here!

First we would like to thank all of you for your patience, and for clicking the “Interested in Print” button on the product pages and voting for the works you would like us to print. We have been making print decisions based on your votes, and have already started to prepare printing more titles!

There are four titles available on the launch of our physical books:

– “Imaizumi Brings All the Gyarus to His House” by Norigorou (260 Pages Full Color)
– “My Best Friend Is a Gender Bender Compilation 1” by Uten Ameka (136 Pages Black White)
– “Lustful Little Kitty Cat” by Nemu (44 Pages Black White)
– “The Shy Snow Woman and the Cursed Ring” by Puuzaki Puuna (76 Pages Full Color) All books are fully uncensored and localized.
We’ve received many requests over the years from people who are weary of buying digital doujinshi, and prefer to own a physical copy of the works instead. Now is a great time to show your support to doujinshi artists by buying their localized works in print!

The books are limited-run prints, and we don’t plan to do reprints any time soon. If they sell out, they’re gone. If you’re into building a hentai collection, we recommend you get the books while they’re available.

That being said, due to the COVID 19 pandemic and local laws, we are unable to deliver to certain regions. Please check the FAQ for more information. The FAQ also answers other questions related to the shipping process.

Printing books is a very new thing for us, so we will be starting small at first. Please keep voting for the works you want printed, and if there’s a lot of demand for our printed titles, we’d be happy to print more books! Eventually, we’d like to release a batch of printed books each month.

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