The Impact of 10-Yen Sales for Japanese Artists

A cover image for a blog article with the text,
A cover image for a blog article with the text, "The Impact of 10-Yen Sales for Japanese Artists"

Popular hentai manga artist, Hyji, shared an interesting piece of information about a 10-yen sales of his works in a tweet on September 3, 2022.

In this tweet, Hyji shared a screenshot of their electronic download sales page on FANZA (as implied in the subsequent tweets from the author) in relation to the 10-yen (approximately US$0.07) sale that happened recently.

A screenshot that shows the total from a 10-yen sales period for Japanese hentai artist, Hyji.
A screenshot that shows the total from a 10-yen sales period for Japanese hentai artist, Hyji.

The author explains that the amount they receive (after fees are deducted) is about 6 yen (approximately US$0.04) per copy during the 10-yen sale. Please note that the comic in the second row was a part of the sale and the comic in the first row is not.

During this past 10-yen sale period (from August 26 to September 2, 2022), the author sold 26,474 copies of the bargained comic. This comes to a total of 158,844 yen (approximately US$1105). 

In the above tweet, the author writes:
“This is the result of the 10-yen sale this time around. About 26,000 downloads. The wholesale price is 6 yen, so it came to a little over 150,000 yen. This is the ultimate form of small things adding up to making a huge difference. It’s like how there are so many 1-yen coins in the shrine offertory box. 

This is the reason why I hate illegal uploads. It cannot be understated how much it helps the artists even if one person paid 10 yen for their works.”

In the above tweet, Hyji additionally states, “I wasn’t even in the top 10 best-selling authors during the 10-yen sales but even so, I made this much money from it. I can’t imagine just how much the top 10 best-selling authors make…”

As you can tell from this example from Hyji, a little help from many fans go a long, long way for the artists.

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