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The Virgin Pick-Up Artist vs The Chad Uber Eats Driver (Cheating in Japan during Covid)

November 22nd is “Good Married Couples Day” in Japan since 11 can be read as “ii” (good) and 22 read as “fuufu” (married couple). However, when we tried to make a collection of vanilla works with married couples for a sale, we found out that we had less than 5 titles that met the criteria. Turns out that the majority of our works that have married couples are NTR/ Cheating titles. So, being the deplorables that we are, we decided to have a sale on select “Cheating” works! Not that we’re jealous of happy normie couples or anything… 

Sticking to the theme of “Cheating”, today’s article will touch on how Covid has affected the adultery scene in Japan. Since we started this Irodori Comics blog this year, this is already our 4th article about cheating… 

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Covid’s toll on married couples 

Recently, a detective agency in Japan released some figures about “cheating / extramarital affairs during Covid” to get people to hire them to look into their significant other. And these figures were quite eye-opening. 

There were 3 main takeaways from the agency’s findings: 

  1. Of the people interviewed who are having affairs, 29% started their affair during Covid, with the remaining 70% starting their affairs before the beginning of Covid in March 2020.
  2. While working at home has increased the bond between married couples, there are still those who decided to start an affair. For some people, the boredom from remote work motivated them to try out dating apps to find a partner for casual flings.
  3. For couples whose relationship worsened during the “stay at home” period, extramarital affairs were a good way to relieve stress. 

Stuck at home together doesn’t always lead to amazing sex 

Staying at home during the pandemic with your lover seems like a great opportunity to go at it like rabbits. After all, with no boss to keep tabs on when and how you work, it seems like there’s a lot more time to enjoy each other’s company. However, more time together had varying results for the people interviewed by the agency.

When asked for reasons why relationships worsened during lockdowns, the correspondents gave the following reasons:

  • Having to see my spouse’s face more often led to increased stress.
  • Have to cook more meals for my spouse.
  • When we’re both at home, we fight more. 
  • Being stuck at home made me lash out at my spouse for even the smallest of issues 
  • The stress from being at home made me argumentative all the time 
  • Being together all the time made me see things about my spouse that I didn’t like 
  • With less work, my salary was cut, resulting in arguments at home 
  • My husband was laid off 

Fuckbois and Uber Drivers 

Doom and gloom aside, the detective agency also had some fascinating information of “where” people found partners to cheat with. 

To no one’s surprise, “coworker” remains one of the most common cheating partner in Japan. Considering how long Japanese people are slaving away at work, it’s not uncommon for them to be closer to their “work-spouse” than to their actual spouses. 

The most interesting thing about this graph though is that both “Pick Up Artists” and “UberEats Drivers” had the same amount of success in getting laid. So instead of pouring hours of your time watching all those “How to be a Alpha / Sigma Male” videos on Youtube and spending a hefty chunk of your paycheck on fashionable clothes and hair products, you might as well hop on your bike and start making some deliveries. Not only will you get a nice workout while getting paid, your chances of delivering some extra sauce is the same as that of all the fuckbois prowling the clubs every night. 

Why Cheat?

Even while some couples saw their relationship improve during the stay-at-home period, some of them still cheated on their partners. Based on the two common answers below, “boredom” and “dating apps” were big factors:

  • “I was bored working from home so I started using a dating app, then matched with a woman who I thought was interesting.”
  • “Was killing time on dating apps when I started matching with others.”

For those whose relationships worsened, there were more variety in reasons:

  • “Working at home sucked since my wife was bitching constantly, so I began an affair with someone from work.”
  • “I was stressed with Covid and things weren’t good with my husband so I started using dating apps.”
  • “I felt like the whole world was going to shit so I needed to let loose and relieve stress.”
  • “Was on a dating app and found people close to my age who lived nearby.”
  • “Became friendly with the UberEats delivery person who came to my house.” 

Covid affects us in so many ways

Covid has made a lot of people “lonely” from being isolated from society through lockdowns and stay-at-home measures. Discord chat groups, multiplayer gaming, simping for streamers and Onlyfans E-thots might make one feel like they’re connected, but it’s often a temporary bandaid than an actual cure for loneliness. Cheating is bad, but with the stress and uncertainty from Covid, sometimes people’s motives aren’t so black and white. 

Did you sign up to or use dating apps during Covid? If you were in a relationship during Covid, how did Covid affectit? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed this article about cheating in Japan during. If you want to read doujinshi about cheating, click here to see our full collection of works about affairs!

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