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Monthly Recap

Easy-to-browse summaries of all of our releases per month. Be sure to check out our recap posts for any titles you may have missed!

March 2024 Doujinshi Releases

We had a busy month last March with lots of new artist debuts! Make sure you catch them all in this March releases recap!

February 2024 Doujinshi Releases

The month of hearts was filled with not just love, but lots of releases as well! Check out all our releases last February!

January 2024 Doujinshi Releases

Did you know we released 80 new titles in January? Make sure you didn't miss any of the great titles we released last month!

December 2023 Doujinshi Releases

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you had a great holiday season with our Winter Sale, but we were still pretty active during the festivities, releasing a "nice" 69 releases. Make sure you check out all...

November 2023 Doujinshi Releases

November is all about thanksgiving, but we've been busy working on bringing out more and more content. Check out the titles we released this month!

October 2023 Doujinshi Releases

October was one of our busiest months yet! Check our all of the releases we brought out last month!

September 2023 Doujinshi Releases

Lots of new artists this month of September! Check our all of the releases we brought out last month!

August 2023 Doujinshi Releases

Summer is hotter than ever with our latest releases for the month of August! Check our all of the releases we brought out last month!

July 2023 Doujinshi Releases

We had lots of new releases throughout the month of July! Here's a summary of all the hottest summer releases released last month!

June 2023 Doujinshi Releases

Make sure you didn't miss any of our releases last month! Here's a rundown of all works released in June 2023!

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