Would You Like Semen With Your Fries?

March 14th is also known as Pi Day (3.14), but in Japan, the day is all about “White Day”. White Day is when men are supposed to give women flowers and other presents. At Irodori Comics, we had a spark of brilliance to combine “White” and “Pi” to celebrate “Creampie” instead. 

The Japanese word for “internal cumshot” is different to what we use in English colloquially. The Japanese phrase 中出し (Nakadashi = Release inside) is a far more literal translation. 

So in Japan, a “creampie”, just like for all pure-minded folks out there, refers to the food.  

And this is what led to McDonald’s Japan releasing a special dessert menu item called “大人のクリームパイ” (Otona no Creampie) in early 2020. 

When marketing food products in Japan, a common catchphrase used is 大人の味 (Otona no aji). The literal translation of said phrase will be “Adult’s taste”, but the meaning is closer to “refined flavour”. 

In the case of McDonalds, it referred to the sophisticated flavour of “Belgian Chocolate” and “Sweet Cheese”. Except, when translated, 大人のクリームパイ becomes “Adult’s Creampie”.

We joke about all the chemicals in McDonald’s foods, but “baby gravy” was something I wasn’t expecting. The promotional images only made things worse.

After it did the rounds on social media, many expected McDonald’s to rename the product, but Ronald McDonald wasn’t pulling out.

The name is here to stay, and more than 9 months later, it still lives on. 

Creampie isn’t the only word that has a sexual meaning in English, while having a rather innocent meaning in Japanese. Most of you have probably heard of the word “Bukkake”. Often used synonymously with “facial”, bukkake is the Japanese term for ejaculating on someone’s face. Delivering the money shot, if you will. 

However, that definition of bukkake isn’t actually well-known outside of adult media. Even within porn, many are starting to use term “顔射” (Gansha), which means to “unload on the face”. 

The common definition of bukkake is “to cover something”. Hence, it’s often used in dishes where people just pile on toppings over rice or noodles. 

Bukkake-don (Rice)

Once Covid settles down and you have the opportunity to visit Japan, do try out some Adult Creampies and Bukkake dishes. They might not be Finger Lickin’ Good, but definitely a melt in your mouth kinda experience. 

See you next time!

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