New Website Function: “Tip Jar”

Tip Jar
Irodori Tip Jar

Ever wondered how you can support an artist beyond buying all their works?

We have added a Tip Jar function on the Irodori Comics Store to make it easier for you to support your favorite artists!

Tip Jar Tutorial 1
The Tip Jar can be found on an artist’s Artist Page

Simply click on an artist’s “Artist Page” and type in an amount you’d like to tip on the top right. (The minimum tipping amount is $1.00 USD)

Tip Jar Tutorial 2
How to use the Tip Jar on the Irodori Comics Store

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Why should I tip when I already support artists by buying their works?

There is absolutely no obligation to tip! This function simply exists for those who want to show more love to their favorite artists.

Do I get anything in return for tipping?

Nope. You won’t receive anything in return, unlike some Patreon/ Fantia/Fanbox tiers. Artists don’t have to feel obligated to give back something for these tips. Irodori Comics has made it clear to them that these tips are a “no strings attached” thing and are simply a way for foreign fans to show their appreciation.

Will Irodori Comics be taking a cut of the tips?

Yes, right now, 20% of the amount you tip will go to Irodori Comics to cover the processing costs and overhead for some future updates we have planned. As an adult company, the minimum credit card processing fee alone takes up a big chunk of that fee. We’re also planning some added features to further bridge the gap between artists and fans. And in the near future, we will be implementing ways to decrease Irodori’s cut to the bare minimum.

Why should I use the Tip Jar when platforms like Fantia/ Fanbox exist?

The tip jar function we introduced is not a replacement for an artists’ Fantia/Fanbox etc. It’s simply an alternative option you can use.

We’ve heard cases of certain foreign credit cards not working on some Japanese platforms. If your card works in our store, you can use the same card to give tips.

Something to note…

“Contributions from foreign fans” often end up becoming an invisible statistic on Japanese platforms like Fantia/ Fanbox, as foreign fans and Japanese fans are all lumped together. The Tip Jar on the Irodori Comics Store will allow artists to see exactly how many foreign fans are tipping them and how much. Being able to “see” the support and money flow from foreign fans will be very positive for them.

Can artists see who tipped them?

In the next update, we will add a nickname box where tippers can add their names (this is optional). Artists will receive a list each month of their top tippers.

We have let artists know that they *can* give back to tippers through exclusive art etc. It won’t be right away, but some artists might do stuff in the future to thank their foreign fans.

What’s the future of the Tip Jar?

We plan to keep an eye on how this Tip Jar function is utilized by fans. If there is enough interest in fans supporting artists beyond buying their works, we can discuss with artists/ do polls, etc, to try and find ways to make things more engaging and bridge the gap further between artists and fans.

Thank you all for your continuous support of doujinshi artists. We’ll be implementing more updates to the Irodori Comics Store in the near future so there are more ways for you to support doujinshi artists!

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*You must have an account on the Irodori Comics Store to use the Tip Jar function.