New Website Function: “Follow” tags, artists, pages

We introduced a new function on the Irodori Comics Store to make it easier to keep track of all the titles we are releasing. Users can now “follow” various tags, authors, pages and be alerted when something new is added.

Simply click on the “FOLLOW” button on top right of each page to receive updates on works added to that subject*. You can “follow” artists, specific tags, different languages, and special pages like “Pre Order”, “New Releases”, “Bundle Deals” etc.

*You must have an account on the Irodori Comics Store to receive these notices.


You can click on the “Bell” on the top right corner of the website to access your “Notification” list, where newly added works in your follow list are shown. Click “View” to check out the product page or click “X” to remove it from your notification list.

You can go to “My Account > Notification Settings” to check which tags/artists/pages you are following.

We also have a “Browser Pop-Up Notification” you can enable to receive browser notifications of big announcements (Sales, Limited-time discount codes, Blog articles, Special announcements etc).