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Cosplayers Assemble!

Comiket 100 took place on August 13~14th at Tokyo Big Sight. It was the 100th Comiket since the event started 47 years ago!

While Comiket 100 continued to have restrictive measures to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 170,000 people attended the event over the two days.

One of the major attractions of Comiket is seeing cosplayers bring their best games for the world to see. Here are some of our top picks of the coolest cosplays and the most hilarious cosplays from Comiket 100 that have gone viral!

Tokyo Big Sight, the venue for Comiket 100. Cosplayers gathered to show off their cosplay.
Tokyo Big Sight, the venue for Comiket 100. Cosplayers gathered to show off their cosplay.

Coolest Cosplays

This person dressed up in a full Gundam suit for the second day of Comiket 100:

The above Gundam cosplayer met up with a person cosplaying as Zaku and had a walk together:


The above Gundam cosplayer having a quick read of a doujinshi at a booth.

This person took a picture of a cosplayer who dressed up as a magnetic Joseph Joestar:

This person took a picture of a human-sized Totoro:

Another attendee took these photos of Jigen Daisuke (from Lupin the Third) cosplayer who said he was not on Twitter:

This attendee came across Porco Rosso:

This cosplayer dressed up as Tatsu from The Way of the Househusband with razor-sharp precision:

Most Hilarious Cosplays

These two people cosplayed as Netsu-sama-sheet (fever and headache gel sheets). The person on the left has the label “For Kids” and the person on the right has the label “For Adults.”

This person cosplayed as a miniature building of Yamada Denki, a large electronic store franchise in Japan.


A very chaotic collaboration of Gundam, Zaku, and a Yamada Denki building (but now with legs).

This attendee came across a member of Team Rocket getting attacked by Golbat.

This attendee saw a person dressed up as slabs of high-grade Wagyu beef, proving that you can cosplay as anything at Comiket 100.

This attendee saw a person cosplaying as a corporate worker forced to work remotely:

This attendee took some pictures of an anthropomorphized Microsoft Edge holding a traditional Japanese-style funeral photo of Microsoft Explorer:

The cosplays picked up in this article are only the tip of the iceberg. But we hope you enjoyed browsing through some of the best cosplays from Comiket 100!


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