BL Doujinshi Introduction: Passionate Teacher

English Title: Passionate Teacher
Japanese Title: 先生は熱血があれば十分だ!
Story and Art: ZawarC
Circle: Fuerzabruta

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Kazune Suga

Yuuto Aoki

Kaede Jinguuji

The novice English teacher assigned to a class of elite athletes. He’s an adorable airhead doing his best to bond with the students of his class, going so far as to attending every single one of their games to cheer for them.

A member of the Haruoka Academy

tennis team. He has participated in international matches since he was young and is said to be the

next rising star.

The captain of the Haruoka Academy volleyball team and chosen as the best scorer for three years straight. He is also obsessed with winning.

A sprinter in the Haruoka Academy track and field team. According to sports magazines, he is also known as the “Silent Bullet”. He has the ability to accurately predict the future, perhaps because his home is a Japanese shrine.

Hinari Ookawa

Koutarou Tanuma

Ruito Emoto

A member of the Haruoka Academy swimming team who’s good at freestyle. Hinari earned his way into the academy by breaking the freestyle Japan record. He is also the reason why the swimming team are turning into exhibitionists.

The forward of the Haruoka Academy rugby team. He gives off the impression of being rough around the edges, but he's actually a gentle sweetheart. Due to being the eldest of a large family, he shows concern for others and takes good care of them.

The power forward of the Haruoka Academy basketball team. He plays rough but always scores. Ruito is the academy’s troublemaker but avoids getting expelled thanks to his homeroom teacher.


Mr. Suzuki, a novice English instructor, was assigned to be the homeroom teacher of a class of elite athletes. To gain their trust and bond with them, he decides to do everything he can for his students: attending their sport events and cheering them on; taking notes on their athletic performance to offer advice; and even helping them with their English lessons. His efforts eventually paid off when his students began opening up to him. But when Mr. Suzuki doubles down on his affections by giving them hand-made chocolates as Valentine’s Day gifts, his students know that there is only one way to return the favor and show him just how much they care about him too.

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