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Interview with Norigorou

We interviewed Norigorou and asked him questions about his career! He has also agreed to make his work “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 1” a free to read title! Also, the physical book of “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House Compilation” is available in limited quantities. If you want to own a 260+ page full-color physical doujinshi, make sure you get it while stocks last!

Introducing Hentai Doujinshi Artist Norigorou

On: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with us. Could you please give a brief introduction of yourself?

Norigorou (N): I’m a manga artist who is currently working on several series: the doujin series “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House“,  plus “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyaryus To His House ~Deep~” and どうやらボクの花嫁は女騎士団なようで。 (Douyara Boku no Hanayome wa Onna-Kishidan-na Youde, “Apparently, My Brides Are From a Female Chivalric Order”), two commercial series published by Takeshobo.

Cover of Norigorou’s “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 1”

On: We get the impression that you’re quite busy with work, but how do you enjoy your days off? Do you have any hobbies?

N: I barely get any days off, but when I do I try to freshen up by doing things like exercising and shopping. Right now, the hobby I enjoy the most is watching Major League Baseball.

On: If you could take a long vacation, where would you like to go and what would you like to do there?

N: If I could get a long break period, I’d want to take a trip to the US and spend some relaxing time there.

On: The Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To This House series has a lovey-dovey harem theme, but when you’re reading adult manga in your private time, what kind of genres do you prefer?

N: I don’t restrict myself to certain genres and I read works from a wide variety of them.

On: How did you start your career as a manga artist? What were you doing before you became a manga artist?

N: Before I became a manga artist, I had a tech-related job. That was when I first found out that there was such a thing as “digital doujin” and this discovery led to the start of my career as a manga artist. Compared to other artists, I believe I’m quite a late bloomer in the field of professional manga drawing.

On: Other than the Imaizumi series, you’re currently working on the “Apparently, My Brides Are From a Female Chivalric Order” series, but don’t you feel tired from having so many harem-themed serializations? Are you able to get enough rest from work? (In recent years, international manga fans have become concerned with the health and well-being of Japanese artists so we have decided to ask you this question.)

N: I don’t get days off but I am getting enough sleep, so I don’t feel fatigued at the moment. Although, I do feel scared at times because of how much work I have to do…

Regarding the Imaizumi series

On: Regarding the heroines of the Imaizumi series, are there people or works that you’ve drawn inspiration from in terms of character settings and so on?

N: No, I don’t have any such person or work.

On: Sincere congratulations on your work becoming an anime project! How did you feel when you first heard the announcement? Regarding anime production, how long ago were you contacted about it?

N: Thank you very much. I honestly feel very happy about it. I was initially contacted about the OVA anime project about 2 years ago. 

As expected, it takes a long while to produce an anime, so it’s been at least one and a half years since the very first meeting about the anime project.

On: Do you think there will be a live-action adaptation of the Imaizumi series? If so, are there any actresses and actors who you’d like to cast for your characters?

N: There won’t be any live-action adaptation now or in the future.

On: Why did you start drawing the Imaizumi series for the general audience with “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyaryus To His House ~Deep~”?

N: I had scenes of the heroines going about their business in my head and I was very attached to the characters. So if I had the chance to draw a general-audience manga, I wanted to draw about the girls’ daily lives. And I happened to be given an opportunity to do just that, so I put my idea into action.

On: We have the impression that the doujin version of the Imaizumi series is in color, but the commercialized version of the series is in black and white. How do you feel about drawing the same characters in color and in b/w? Is it a strange feeling, as though there are duplicates of the same characters?

N: No, I don’t feel like there are duplicates of the same characters! Drawing in color or in greyscale, each has its own unique enjoyable qualities so I just have fun doing both of them.

On: At the moment, you are updating the Imaizumi series on FANTIA (a Japanese subscription platform) right now, but do you change the way the story goes based on the feedback or reactions you get on the platform?*

*On’s Note: In commercial manga such as weekly manga magazines, artists get a chance to change the course of their stories based on the comments they receive weekly, but when it comes to a doujin series, artists only get feedback a few odd times per year when they publish their works for events.

N: That never happens. I just draw what I want to draw. That’s how I do things.

However, I hold very in-depth meetings with my staff members to proceed with the drawing of the series.

Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House Compilation Physical book

On: The physical version of the English version of Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House Compilation has been recently released. How do you feel about your works being physically published in English?

N: I feel sincerely thankful for it. I have nothing but gratitude for the fact that the English version of the series is now a physically published book.

Being a manga artist

Cover of Norigorou’s “Senpai’s After School Invitation”

On: We get the impression that many characters that are gyarus or “slightly mentally unstable, sadistic girls” appear often in your works (including past works). Is there a reason why you draw such characters?

N: I’m sorry, it’s all due to my fetish, haha.

On: Why did you move on to drawing manga from CG collections? Was there a particular reason behind the transition?

N: I’ve wanted to draw manga from the beginning, but when I started my career I was a regular office worker so I couldn’t spare the time to draw manga properly. That was why I had chosen to draw CG collections instead.

On: Other than the Imaizumi series, would you like to draw other general-audience manga series? If so, what kind of theme would you like to draw?

N: At the moment, I don’t feel any particular inclination to create other series, so I have no idea… I’m 100% focused on the present!

On: Once again, thank you very much for taking this interview! And thank you so much for making “Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 1” free to read! Do you have any final words for your international fans?

N: To people who have been purchasing the Imaizumi series, and also to those who give me likes and positive reviews on social media, your support truly encourages me! The Imaizumi series will go on for a while, so it will be great if you can continue reading it!

Did you enjoy the interview? Click the image below to see all of Norigorou’s works! Norigorou’s Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House 1 is available for free!

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