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Yuri Doujinshi Review: “The Albino and The Witch”

“The Albino and The Witch” Yuri Series Review

English Doujinshi Title: The Albino and The Witch
Japanese Doujinshi Title: アルビノの子と魔女
Story and Art: Tendou Itsuki
Circle: Tendoushi

TLDR Review:

“The Albino and the Witch” is a delightful combination of sweet, serious, and sexy. This cute series hits a lot of genre notes for me without venturing too deep in a singular direction. A very enjoyable series by fans of slice of life romance, fantasy, monster girls, or tentacles alike.


The Black Swamp Witch


A mysterious being who manages portals between worlds, including the human world. The tentacles that are both an extension of her hair and her subconscious have a…special relationship with her human ward/pet, Shiro. The Black Swamp Witch herself is not entirely aware of this.

An albino human girl who was rescued by the Black Swamp Witch and has lived as her ward/pet/lab rat for ever since. Now that she’s grown she has attempted to express her desire for the Witch many times, but is typically met with rejection (when the Witch is in full control of her actions, at least).

Story 1
EN: Albino’s Diary 1
JP: 白子日記 1


Though some would have resented the Black Swamp Witch for treating them as a personal human guinea pig, Shiro has nothing but love and gratitude for the woman who adopted her and saved her life. As she grew up, she realized she felt much more than daughterly affection for the Witch, but the Witch rejects Shiro harshly whenever she makes any type of advance. 

However, unbeknownst to the Witch, Shiro has for some time been engaging in intimate relations…with the Witch’s hair! Or rather, the tentacles that are extensions of both the Witch’s hair and of her subconscious. This act not only helps to speed the healing process when Madam Witch (as Shiro calls her) has been grievously injured in battle, but also somewhat satisfies Shiro’s desires (for now).

This time, though, the Witch figures out what’s been going on. Will she finally accept Shiro’s affections, or will she erase all of Shiro’s memories of her erotic times with the tentacles? 

Story 2
EN: Albino’s Diary 2
JP: 白子日記 2

As it turns out, the instance in the first “Albino’s Diary” story was not the first time the Witch found out about Shiro’s liaisons with her tentacles! One day, after Shiro is almost pulled through a dark portal by something terrible, she and Madam Witch escape in a maelstrom of blood and writhing, unknowable shapes. When they reach safety, Shiro begins to slide into bed to help the Witch heal…but finds her step-mother is still awake!! How will Shiro talk her way through this situation, and how will she ever advance their relationship if Madam Witch keeps insisting on erasing her memories!?

Story 3
EN: This Brat is Constantly Thirsting for Step-Mommy
JP: このクソガキは四六時中母とヤリたがる

Up until now, Shiro has only managed to have sex with Madam Witch’s tentacles and not Madam Witch herself, and only when the witch is incapacitated by injury. But in spite of her step-mother not only refusing to sleep with her but also refusing to teach her any magic, Shiro has managed to teach herself quite a bit! Will Shiro at last achieve what she’s yearned for and experience all the other part of her step-mother’s body? 

Story 4
EN: This Brat is Still Thirsty for Step-Mommy
JP: このクソガキは四苦八苦しても母とヤリたがる

Shiro’s ministrations may have now become a commonly occuring part of the Black Swamp Witch’s everyday existence, but that doesn’t mean Madam Witch is happy about the situation. On this occasion, Shiro reassures her step-mother by placing a camera in the Witch’s bedroom as a guard against anything happening between Shiro and the tentacles again without the Witch’s knowledge, and locking herself out. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Shiro seems to have no problem getting back into the room anyway!

Story 5
EN: The Albino & The Witch Extra – If They Started Dating!
JP: アルビノと魔女番外編

In this AU-style volume of “The Albino and the Witch,” the author imagines what might happen in a parallel reality where the Black Swamp Witch is able to be more honest with her feelings and express both her affection and desire towards Shiro without her usual tsundere-like front. If you ever wondered while reading the other volumes what it would be like to see Shiro and Madam Witch hanging out in plain clothes and affectionately watching TV together…now you’ll know!


“The Albino and the Witch” is a delightful combination of sweet, serious, and sexy. The development of the characters’ relationship and the gradual eroding of the walls between them is fun to see play out and doesn’t linger too much on the back-and-forth between their clashing personalities, while some of the glimpses we get into the more eldritch aspects of the story’s setting are quite suspenseful but avoid becoming too graphic or violent. The sex scenes are satisfying and surprisingly wholesome considering several of them consist primarily of Shiro x Madam Witch’s tentacles.

The art is gorgeously drawn, but also has a lot of personality. I know I often need more than just a pretty face to really hook me into reading a story, and the author does an excellent job of taking two common character archetypes (the grouchy tsundere and her cute, perpetually sunny opposite) and giving them some real depth, displayed with humor and heart through their body language, inner monologues, and a sometimes shocking range of facial expressions.

This cute series hits a lot of genre notes for me without venturing too deep in a singular direction, and so is likely to be enjoyable by fans of slice of life romance, fantasy, monster girls, or tentacles alike.

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